"High Score" of visitors website www.gkoutinas.gr


High Score, within the month of August, (3,783 Visits, 10,302 Pages and 41,158 Hits) for the website www.koutinas.gr of “KOUTINAS SA”, Insurance Brokers, Coverholder at Lloyd’s! Similar, increased interest with in the same month of August is noted also to the specialized Blog www.professional-liability.gr  (1,107 visits, 2,488 pages and 22,305 hits).


Explaining, My George Koutinas, Managing Director of “KOUTINAS SA”, Insurance Brokers, Coverholder at Lloyd’s, mentions the following: “We are very happy by noticing such an interest by our Clients, Friends, Collaborators and Colleagues Insurance Intermediaries. Most hopefully, it is our articles and several information notes appearing in the press and the Social Media, about the currents trends of the Greek Insurance Market and the evolution of the Insurance Mediation system in Greece”. Moreover, a positive impact comes from the recent Open Invitation of our company to the Greek Insurance Intermediaries for a professional SYNERGY (http://www.gkoutinas.gr/el/synergia)”/el/synergia)”.